Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Days at home

I have nothing special at the moment and this is what happens at home or what i do

Actually I am anxiously waiting for 24th October 2009 as we are going to have a pool party: for more information visit

I like going for rides

I have skirt now to wear

because i liked to disturb my humans
when they open their fridge so i was punished....

Me liked to be carried the baby style

I love my house sofa

Likes lying down beside my sofa

see how long am I?

Desa Park City

I'm like a soft toy

Can I have a sip of Coke please

This is how I look from inside, when i know
someone is back (when they open the house gate)

Waiting for them to come in
(this is how i look from inside)

See how excited I am?!

nothing to play with so i went into
my carriage hoping my humans will bring me out

Broga Hill

I went to broga hill with many many friends but i did not climb the hill because i had some feelings that my owner wasn't feeling well....

I resisted to climbing and they carried me up until my owner was really felling ill so we decided to go down

some pictures we took there

We are having fun on uncle sean's storm....

Group photo of hooomans and us

See me and my friends....
spot which is me?
(im behind miki the schnauzer)

Aunty Chris and us

Me and my friend Miki

oooppppssss where am I?

I'm a good poser

me again!

In the morning, waiting for all my friends to
arrive petrol station before we make a move

1st Swim

1 afternoon m owners brought back this big big swimming pool that can accommodate 20 adults for me to use for swimming.

They used almost 2 hours to pump in air and fill in water where i can wet my leg. I think if filled the whole pool need 1 day.

I enjoyed the session, i shall let the videos and picture talk further.....

while filling the water

poor me in the big pool

fluffy me

fatty me

See the wet me.... i legs looks fluffy in water

trying to walk in the pool

my owner thought of joining me but poor him,
the water to shallow for him

See my toys? they add some in so
that i wont feel bored

Me trying to run out without any1 noticing me
see how thin am I?
all the hooomans always say I'm fat :-(

Me scared of the box moving on the water