Thursday, April 30, 2009

9 Months Old

Days throughout the month of her 9th month

Win Win: Nice wind....i must run faster

Win Win: wow im on the front cover....thank you aunty Chris

Win Win: Those are my certificate of undergoing trainings

Win Win: I'm trying to be trying

Win Win: u wana start riding o nt?

Win Win:I wana go on a bike ride......

Boy: doggie doggie dun move
Win Win: i wun i wun come come

Win Win:I wun drink if u take my stop

Win Win: Hwei Let me do the panda kungfu style

Win Win: Eh u not my owner a? Let me go......

Win Win: See I can also stand on my cage....I am the Lion King

Win Win: come hug me

Win Win: cooling here...make me walk for so long

Win Win: Im posing for you to take picture
owners: wei bkful ok dun fall into the water

Win Win: faster im posing already

Girl: shuh....
Win Win: Helo dun tink i dont know that you're behind me

Win Win: come come try catching me...we start from the slow pace 1st...
Girl: wait wait, im coming