Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Adult me and my new friend

Sorry for not blogging so long,

I'm now 9 months old already and I'm an adult because i have come of age. I feel a bit uneasy and tired as well. I keep on licking to keep my self very very clean and so that no 1 will be aware that i have come of age. Not only that I also clean up the place i have sat on each time i wake up but ma owner is toooo clever as well as to know the signs of it. I'm also feeling very weak, i use to play like a mad dog but now i like lying and having my belly rub more than anything else.

I have 1 more thing to share.... My kai ma got a new puppy erm like 2 months ago.... his name is Brendi.... He is so so so so smart and playful, he likes to eat like no body's business not like me I like playing more than eating that's why kai ma always say I'm so thin each time she sees me. Brendi is so so thin like kai ma say 'can play guitar using Brendi's ribs'.

I went to meet Brendi on Thursday.... He was so so so afraid of me when he saw me... he even ran into the kitchen where its actually his forbidden area and started barking. Being me, i did not care but still go smell and play with him. It took him about 15 minutes to warm up then came the BRENDI...he started playing with me till ma owner caught him with an act...guess what act?????? he started humping me wakakaka....... imagine a thin thin thin 4 months old Brendi humping me a 9 months old fat fat girl.

owners and kai ma was so afraid of me playing with Brendi, they were so protective as they were afraid i will hurt Brendi. Anyway I still enjoyed playing with my new friend, Brendi. I hope ma owner can bring me to meet and play with more friends every now and then. I only could hope and pray.

Will share more photos of me and Brendi as kai ma took a few pictures of us together soon. Wait ok....

signing of....
Win Win the adult

Friday, March 13, 2009

8th Months Old

see all the medal belongs to me

see im so so so proud

alamak why you take the other sia sui liao lor

do i look like a dummy????so fake hor

blek...u all think only human noe how to blek?
I oso cn do ok...........

am i cute im smilling....
my family needed 3 cameras to capture the best pic....

my new look

im smoking, I know how to smoke o....


ai...faster curi 1st before any1 catch me smoking

puffff puffff.....wahsai im like a tai kar jie

I look very huge o.....

poor me in the jail

Win Win 7 Months Old

Beautiful or not? I got new baju for CNY ler

Sexy Post