Sunday, November 16, 2008

My gang's Gathering

my fren cute o nt?he has shoes ler....
but the way he runs is funny as if he wil fall of anytime

my fren..happy...but got 1 aunty call her 'hei pi'....

me and my fren brownie....yes!!!brownie got new home....
he is officially now TOBY no more brownie


duno wats her name but she looks so plum

my best mate...ICE...

ICE with her clothes on...

Amos the tai kor....wana 'kau' ICE

ICE wana get mum mum frm her mummy

Amos the Tai kor with Milo

Xiao Q....look like kangaroo hor...

cute fren


Yippy, Milo and Ice


brother and sister

brownie looked so handsome

see all my friends

kiss kiss

we look the same size rite?
actually im taller than him

Amos and me

yes it is me


Monday, November 10, 2008

My Toys

Last time my mummy likes shopping for bags, clothes,shoes and etc....Now she has changed a lot....i never seen her buying much things for her self....I'm very happy you know why cause she buys more things for love....this is my collection

yahoo new chicken...but why is it without a head?

this was my favourite but i broke the squeaky tingy love

this toy is soft and nice to play...mummy say this is
expensive and ask me to play with care....
that's why it is still good in condition

haha dinosaur...i am the king....but this dinosour is worst...
at least chicken has its body but dino has no body at all

my second toy....the lion...

this was my 1st toy....the burger

ball ball

i love this toy cause can play pull pull but mummy
always say i can use this to hang my self....

haha my tortoise....

see its smiling like me....i like to smile too

4 Months Old

mummy bought me new clothes o...

my new sleeping post

another hamsap post

shy...1st time im wearing skirt o...

do i look cute? mummy say my fur still very sikit...

take picture without me bad la you all

another new hip hop shirt with cap...


take pictures sumore

i tired le la

my new toy with new pillow

i feel so sleepy

have you seen dog who love vegetable? yes im d
1 who loves it very much favourite

at NZX Full House...before i was sent for grooming...

so thirsty...i just reach home after a day of grooming

my new look

at my mummy's office

play time play time

my mummy dun wana care bout me...she's always with her computer

my teh bao look

this blue shirt is too small for me le mummy...
cn see my buttock...